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The finishes available are;

  • Plastic - Factory Part Look and Finish
  • Black Gelcoat - High Gloss Finish
  • Carbon Fibre - High Gloss Finish

The XAIR Plastic OTR Intake has a super tough one piece hi temp plastic moulded construction so has the same look as other plastic factory parts under the bonnet at an affordable price. Simply add the matching Plastic Radiator Cover Surrounds to tidy the Engine Bay and complete the factory look as pictured! Intake Neck Size is 102mm OD and 96mm ID - suits/matches Standard Throttle Bodies. 

The Black Gelcoat OTR has a shiny upmarket High Gloss Finish which gives a "Better Than Factory" look. Combine with matching Gloss Black finish Radiator Cover Surrounds. Intake Neck Size is 108mm OD and 102mm ID - suits/matches Standard as well as Aftermarket Larger 102mm Fast Throttle Bodys.

Carbon Fibre has the best Anti Heat Transfer properties of all the Materials we construct the OTR's from and with its Gloss Finish also has the ultimate look to go with it's function. This is the Control Airbox on the NZV8 TLX Race Cars. Intake Neck Size is 108mm OD and 102mm ID - suits/matches Standard as well as Aftermarket Larger 102mm Fast Throttle Bodys.

XAIR Performance specialises in the manufacture of Over The Radiator Cold Air Intakes for Commodore and has been manufacturing this type of product for over 11 years.

The main advantage over other OTRCAI 's is the Venturi effect created by the top shape of the XAIR OTR Body combined with the Filter Size. A massive voluime of Cold Air from in front of the Radiator is rammed/sucked straight through the filter then channelled directly up and around the curved top section creating a Venturi effect and forcing its way into the Throttle Body.

The XAIR OTR has the largest air filter panel on the market, the filter size is 460mm x 180mm. Extensive testing and research has proven that the larger the area, the less restriction & servicing required. This also makes them ideal for head & cam modified cars etc.

The filter brand is Green Filter – known to be one of the best in the world (as used on World Rally Cars) and proven to flow substantially more and filtrate finer dust particles than other brands such as K&N etc. In 99% of applications the Green Filters do not require re-oiling, simply wash with warm soapy water every standard 10,000km or 15,000km Service! Guaranteed for 100,000km! The price on the filter alone is $199.00, this is a top quality filter.

Three months and over 140 man hours were put into developing the XAIR OTRCAI for the VE Commodore which also fits VE Series 2 and VF. Unique features include stepped bottom for fitment of the knobs on top of the Radiator which means twice as much air flowing through into the neck/intake area = massive performance gains!

Will also fit same generation WM and WN Statesman, Caprice and HSV Grange Models.   

Easy to bolt on in half an hour yourself! All kits are supplied with step by step pictured installation instructions.

A unique feature of all XAIR OTRCAI's is the ability to run them with the factory Air Flow Meter (MAF) left in. So unlike other products that require the car to be mafless tuned to work you can now bolt them straight on without a tune to get INSTANT POWER GAINS AND FUEL SAVINGS. 

The Standard OTR Kit comes with Silicon Attachment Hoses & Stainless Steel Hose Clamps for installing with the MAF. Also includes Powder Coated Alloy Brackets to Tilt the Radiator Back and Breather Line Extension Hose.

There is also a pre-drilled hole in the back of the OTRCAI Body with rubber bung for plug in of the separate Air Temp Sensor if Tuning MAFLESS. The OTR can also be supplied with Mafless Attachment Hose Kit for no extra cost, please choose MAF In or MAFLESS when ordering.