Aftermarket ECU Tuning is what we do and do well.  We draw from years of experience tuning all manner of aftermarket ECU and use this to give you the best result possible whilst considering reliability and drivability.  If you are looking for specific characteristics from your tune and tuner we are happy to work with you to get the tune you require.  Also well versed in wiring of aftermarket ECU's we understand the specifics of them further ensuring we understand your requirements,


Doing a job and doing a job well requires the right tools.  We choose to use a Dynapack 4WD hub dyno for increased control and accuracy.  This also ensures that we are able to produce repeatable runs resulting in less time tuning.    


There is a huge range of aftermarket ECU options out there on the market and whilst we have tuned a vast number of them.  The reality is we know the more common ECU's options better and this knowledge of the ECU and software allows us to give you better results. Below is a list of the ECU's and software we are more familiar with.  If you are not sure which option would be better for your get in touch and we are happy to help with recommendations,

If you don't see your ECU listed please contact us for further options here.


Want to check the health of your tune? Want to get a power run with dyno print out?  Why not book in for a Dyno Inspection Run?

Our Dyno Inspection run is the perfect way to check the power output of your vehicle, check the health of your engine/tune or diagnose an issue.  Each Dyno Inspection Run consists of a series of power runs whilst monitoring Air Fuel Ratios.  All Dyno Inspection Runs include your own Dyno Print out.

At only $225 it also offers great value for money.